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MDR – we are ready!

New findings – updated requirements?

Intelligent strategies undergo continuous development. We ensure our laboratories are equipped with the necessary testing systems to fulfil the requirements.

Even with regard to the MDR, by using Medical Device Services as test laboratory you are on the safe side.

  • The tests performed by Medical Device Services always fulfill current standards and guidelines, if available already based on the MDR. Through active participation in all relevant standards and expert committees bodies this is guaranteed even for the transition period as well. The MDR also confirms the strategies applied by Medical Device Services since years.
  • Nevertheless, inter alia we recommend consideration of the more precise rules of the MDR (see annex II) for integration of the test reports into technical documentation as well as reference of our recent certificates,

Processing validation

  • The existence of a valid processing validation is also mandatory for class I instruments latest as a result of the MDR.
  • We already take into account the current requirements of the new document RDS 007 of the ZLG and of ISO 17664 2nd edition, as well as of course of the FDA Reprocessing guidance.
  • In addition, we perform testing of the non-detraction of the biocompatibility by repeated processing already for many years (according to fundamental requirement no. 4 of the MDD, meanwhile also requirement of MDR, RDS 007 as well as of the recent standards and guidelines on biocompatibility).

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